Muskego Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner - March 9, 2024

Mike Thurston at - Muskego Chamber of Commerce annual dinner
We had a great time at Muskego Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, featuring and honoring local businesses who have done so much for that community. A special congrats to County Supervisor Keith Hammitt, whose work and service in Muskego and across the County was widely recognized and honored. Also, a special thanks to Muskego PD Chief Steve Westphal, State Representative Chuck Wichgers, and Chamber of Commerce President Krisann Durnford for their kindness and hospitality throughout the night.

Mission: I strongly believe that we aren’t protecting anyone in Waukesha County if we aren’t protecting our children and families first. As a father of three and a career prosecutor, it has been my belief that protecting one’s community is as important as protecting one’s family. I’ve spent most of my 17 years fighting for kids and families in every community I have served. I am making it my mission, through my campaign for District Attorney, to improve public safety in Waukesha County with common sense conservative solutions.

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